SUMMER OF '72-'79: 2004

When she was seven, her parents took her and her two sisters on a trip around the world. When she got back she was eight. It’s the summer of ‘72 and this is where the story begins.

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Nostalgic, reflective, sometimes humorous and even melancholic. It’s all of these. How could it not? It’s about the family. And as they grow, move on, get older and absorb themselves in the building of their sanctuary, you witness the how the smallest event can root in the structure of everyday life. It either blossoms or explodes with effect. No-one else is really watching but that’s not at all important. The sheer pleasure from the regular achievements to the great expectations of family existence is quite enough.

Summer of 72-79 could be set in any Australian city and be any middle-class families' home-movie. Through an account of voiceovers, old sound tapes and Super 8 film, seven years of a families history is shown in a new light. There’s no sensationalism it’s pure normality. Well at least it seems normal to them.

SUMMER OF '79: 2004

One minute flick of a childhood dream and for those that can't download the larger film.

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