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Even though a monument can be the survival of an idea; of a memory; or of an important event, it cannot subsist without the presence of people. They are the cement and the foundation of its existence. Their portraits and stories help us understand the manner in which the monument has affected their lives. This was the idea behind the videos seen in Centrum de Born -a heritage listed building- for the Dutch National Open-Monument Day on September 13th and 14th, 2003.

In conjunction with the Zutphen Council, “Grow Old with Heart and Soul” was the collaboration of Sonya Spry and Anne-Sophie Malmberg. With these video installations they chose to open the doors of De Born to a broader public. Three short, intimate, documentary-like videos were discreetly shown on lounge room televisions in the coffee house. The installation portrayed a certain beauty in the simplicity and nostalgia of 'the everyday' in the centre.

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