a perfectworldproject:

perfectworldproject is about people chasing their dreams. about having an idea of how you would like to see this world and what actions you'd take to make your dreams come true. i once heard you talk about a perfect world. your perfect world.

a perfect world -
een perfecte wereld

02-04 May, 2003: Hooghuis, Arnhem, Nederland

09-11 May 2003:
De Kroon, Nijmegen, Nederland

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10-12 June, 2005:
Klinker/De Grote Broek, Nijmegen, Nederland

17-19 June, 2005
Hall of Fame, Tilburg, Nederland

click on the links here to view the books made in conjuction with the exhibitions
apw01 (pdf file: 1,84 Mb)
apw02 (pdf file: 1,60 Mb)

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