4 screened looped video installation

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7'12" 11.9 Mb

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7'16" 11.9Mb

Three and a half years later; you wake up and realise that you are no longer staring at the skyline you had grown up with. The comfort zone has been traded for a challenge and there is an unusual yet lingering sound. Furthermore, it is now up top you to decipher it. Communication takes on a new meaning.

Now living in The Netherlands, Paul is facing circumstances where the language can make or break his situation. If he ever wants to aspire to more than the mundane factory job; if he ever wants to achieve what he possibly could in his own or other English speaking country; and if he ever wants to succeed in the field that he desires to work in, then he somehow has to
make a breakthrough with the language. There is no doubt that he has been trying.

In reality however, it turns out to be not quite as simple as it first appeared. Apparently, everything hangs on the language limb and more and more he realises that it takes two to tango. Just getting others to listen appears harder than expected? Using their imaginations; well that's almost impossible.

Is that new start all that it is really cracked up to be?

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