It's no wonder books are written and published. Books are essentially for everyone. They travel, they communicate, they become part of our memories and conciousness. Furthermore, they can lead to dreams being fulfilled and unashamedly, their pages may be thumbed through by more than one owner.

It's no surprise that we sometimes fall trap to the spell inside the pages; not wanting it to end; not wanting to leave; remaining forever in the fantasy. When we do, there is often a strange sense that something has changed. And of course it has. You've heard another man's story, read their thoughts or involved yourself in their ideas. Even for the most stubborn and unmoved, it can't help but open up
another world for contemplation.

It's not for nothing that an artist also chooses this medium to spread their ideas. Publication as a means
of communication; it is a way of reaching many.

It then goes without saying, that this medium fits perfectly within the realm of what interests me:
giving comment on people and their identities,
whether social, cultural, historical or political.


BijlmAIR 2005-Proposal
(pdf file 54,4kB)
December 2004

Society influences art influences society
(pdf 104kB)
April 2002

The fight to be different
(pdf 80,2kB)
Comment on Unpacking Europe:
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam:
12 December 2001- February 24, 2002

One door leads to another
pdf 205kB)
January 2002

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